Brian Your Favorite Realtor®

Brian Belefant, Licensed Oregon Broker

Nice Things People Say About Me

“Brian, you are a lifesaver! I want to thank you for going above and beyond on selling my home. You did so many things that no other realtor would have done and I want you to know how much I appreciate it. You never got frustrated with me and your competence, empathy and easy humor did so much to reduce my stress. You are my favorite realtor!”

–– Rena Hoefling

Rena Hoefling

“You are my favorite realtor! Thank you for everything you did for me and my house and for holding my hand at a time when it was hard for me! Your a miracle worker. Hugs!”

–– Lisa Ganoung


Lisa Ganoung

Brian Belefant (our favorite realtor) represented my niece and I in the purchase of a home in Portland, Oregon in September, 2017.
If you’re thinking of hiring Brian, here are some observations my niece and I had about him. 

  1. Responsive. He answers the phone, responds to your requests.
  2. Even tempered. When problems arise, and they always do, Brian looks for
  3. Knowledgeable. I have 30 years’ experience in banking. It was nice not to
    have to educate my real estate agent about the process.
  4. Resourceful. We had an issue with our lender and Brian went above and
    beyond to help solve it. He didn’t, of course, because like I said I have 30
    years’ experience in banking. But the guy tried. Hard.
  5. Patient. He showed us houses numbering in the teens, listened to feedback,
    and pointed out the pros and cons for each showing.
  6. Fun. In a quiet, introverted way.

He’s honest and he works hard. I’m glad we worked with him. 

— Kitty O’Keefe

Kitty O'Keefe

I just want to thank you Brian. What a great experience working with you on the sale of our home in Portland. You were professional and compassionate at the same time. You stepped in whenever we needed you to, making the sale of our beloved home a great experience. Thank you so much!

— Doug and Robyn Guice

Doug and Robyn Guice

I just wanted to say how amazing and wonderful you were throughout our home buying process. Every little detail you had covered, it was the best. Doing something new like this for us was so daunting, but having you as a guide really made it feel like something as easy as breathing. I know I typically have a pretty flat affect, so I just wanted to let you know that we are insanely happy, and grateful, and feel like the luckiest people that we had you as our realtor. Let me know what type of food is your favorite and I’ll make dinner for all of us as soon as we get settled! Thanks again Brian. 

— Jesse Raynor

Jesse Raynor

I would refer clients to Brian again in a heartbeat! He is on top of everything and goes completely above and beyond for his clients. He treated my family as if they were his own. 

You would not believe how smoothly this deal went,( From a clients perspective.) 

I am sure Brian is pretty much a miracle worker. This deal was extremely tricky, with multiple sellers, 2 of the 3 out of state, and on top of that, the house was unfinanceable when we started. 

Not only did he get a great buyer at a price my family was happy with, but he also saw to it that everything was completed so the buyer could get a loan. 

In the middle of the deal my uncle, who is one of the owners, had a massive stroke, adding to my mom’s extreme stress during what was already a emotional time , this being the home she grew up in. 

Brian worked hard and did a great job marketing the home and fairly quickly negotiated a great price from a buyer that wanted to put the work in and not tear our family home with all its memories to the ground. 

My mom was realistic and knew what shape the houses in, but Brian knew how important this was to my mom and made it happen! 

He took care of absolutely everything and completely minimized the stress on my family. 

Brian, Thank you for going above and beyond and taking such good care of my family and my mom’s family home. 

–– Sheree Nuss

Sheree Nuss

There’s a reason he calls himself “your favorite realtor”. I know he’s become mine! 

Brian was referred to me by a friend after I had to terminate my relationship with the first realtor I had been working with for not taking me as a serious buyer and not following through with putting an offer on my dream home. 

Brian was meticulous, kind, and helpful through the entire process (I was a first time home buyer). I felt respected, listened to and like I had a true advocate ready to help me get my dream home. 

I happily picked up the keys to that home today and that wouldn’t have happened without Brian’s amazing help!!! He will take great care of you and truly is worthy of being everyone’s favorite realtor!!! 

— Amanda Ferrat

Amanda Ferrat

Brian was very helpful and responsive. My questions were answered and documents were handled quickly. I always felt he was within reach when I needed, and felt part of the conversation all the way through the home buying process. Brian’s advice on offer timing and experience were key to me being able to close contract on the house I wanted in a high-demand neighborhood. 

— Liz Spain

Liz Spain

Brian was very pleasant to work with. Great communication, always available, and easy-going. Would definitely recommend. 

–– Jackie Musick

Jackie Musick

Brian went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable through the entire home buying process. As first time buyers we had a lot of questions. He never hesitated to answer our questions. I must say, for a large purchase, it was made as stress free as possible. 

–– Peter Hoang

Peter Hoang

Brian was a very good agent and advisor to me through this whole process. When my nerves would get to me he was more than willing to talk me through each part of the adventure we went on together. 

–– Ricky Jensen

Ricky Jensen

He is knowledgeable and will convey what he really thinks about the property. 

–– Fermin Resurección

Fermin Resurección